Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prayers With Abbey #1

It's been awhile, I know.  Kids, life, surgery, recovery, laziness, binge-watching Pretty Little Liars and Prison Break on Netflix...it has all come in the way of posting funny things my kids say or do!  But last night I was inspired.

Each night before bed, we read the children's version of Jesus Calling with the family.  A different person reads each night, you know, to keep it fair.  We tried to go in order from oldest to youngest, then youngest to oldest.  But we kept forgetting whose turn it was.  And it kept making me mad because that would cause the kids the fight about whose turn it was.  Some wanted the privilege. Some wanted to NOT have to read.  So we created a new system.

A fair system.

A system that would ensure equality all around and make sure that it was completely fair - and it would require no remembering on anyone's part, lessening the fighting.  Unless you count the part where the kids fight about whose turn it is to pick...

At the suggestion of one of the not-so-little Bishops, now we have this cup.  And we put each person's name in the cup, the kids' names added twice and mine and Kris' once.  An odd situation has been developing the last several nights though.  Four nights ago, someone drew Abbey's name.

All well and good.  She read the devotion that night and the Scriptures that corresponded with it.  Then the child who ends up reading that night, closes out with prayer.  So she prayed and we went on to another day.

That brings us to three nights ago.  Olivia had the chance to draw a name and drew Abbey's name.  Abbey moaned about how she had just read, so I thought, "Well, let me draw a name then..."

Guess whose name I drew.


So Abbey read devotions again.

Wind back the clock to TWO nights ago.  This time it was Kaleb's turn to pick a name.  Yes, you guessed it.  He chose Abbey's name.  And at this point we're all like, "Are you serious?"  So, in the interest of amusing ourselves, we let Katherine draw another name.  AGAIN...she drew Abbey's name.  So I sighed and told Abbey that God must really enjoy listening to her read and pray.  She read devotions for the third night in a row.

Now we're caught up to last night.  Kaleb wasn't home to witness this, as he was attending a Cardinals game with his new school.  So it was just me, Kris, and the girls.  And it was Olivia's turn to draw a name.

She drew Abbey's name.  YET AGAIN!

It was time for dad to get involved.  Kris took the cup and AGAIN drew Abbey's name!  At this point, Kris and I are thinking, "Okay, something is up.  Kaleb probably took out everyone else's name and put only Abbey's name in."  To test this theory, Kris took each piece of paper out and verified that no, Kaleb had not messed with it at all.  Everyone had their name in there twice, with the exception of me and Kris.  So we put the names back in and just for kicks, Katherine drew a name.  ABBEY.  Seriously?

So we determined that it was meant to be for Abbey for read the devotions once again.  Though to stop the madness, I drew another name and it was Kaleb so there's a chance Abbey will be off the hook for tonight's devotions - I'll report back if that is not the case.

Reluctantly, with all of us amused by the situation, Abbey read the devotions.  And Abbey being Abbey, she couldn't help but add this to her prayers.  And me, being me, just had to share it here.

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